Although there is plenty to do inside during your Steamboat Springs getaway, most visitors find they prefer to play outside as much as possible, especially after being cooped up in their homes for the last couple of months! Needing the freedom of the horizon extending out for miles before them and falling in love with the stunning beauty of our Colorado landscape, all those weeks of planning and dreaming are coming to fruition at last. And because we want to ensure that every minute of your stay in our mountain paradise will be filled with adventure, we’re providing this guide to all the outdoor Steamboat Springs activities you can enjoy during your stay in Steamboat Springs!

A Walk in the Park

This activity can only be enjoyed from spring until the first real snow of the season, but the beauty of the Yampa River Botanic Park is something every traveler should see! Offering a variety of gardens, including rock gardens, rose gardens, and vegetable gardens, every step you take along the paths is designed to make you stop and appreciate the charms of Mother Nature. Children of all ages delight in the butterfly and hummingbird gardens, while gardeners from all over the world can learn how to adapt and conserve in their own gardens when they visit the Water Wise Gardens. The Tranquility Garden is an especially sweet place to sit and spend some time. After all we’ve been through lately, don’t we all deserve a little tranquility in our lives?

Being in Hot Water Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

The Old Town Hot Springs offers a fitness center for your continued health and wellbeing, but it’s the pools of hot spring water that will soothe your soul as they wash away your troubles. It’s impossible to feel anything less than wonderful as the steam rises around you, even during the coldest days of winter. The trees laden with snow, the skies gray and steely, and the quiet chatter of other hot springs worshippers finding their own peace will offer an experience you aren’t likely to forget any time soon. Old Town Hot Springs is a wonderful spot to visit during the other seasons as well; the waterslides are particularly refreshing in the summer!

The Mountains Standing Guard

No matter where you find yourself in Steamboat Springs, you’ll be surrounded by majestic mountains standing guard over our hometown. Emerald Mountain is one of the more popular places to play during every season. In the winter, of course, skiing and snowboarding are how we spend our hours, but once the snow melts, the slopes feature a new kind of adventure. Hiking the trails, including the Mad Creek Barn and Spring Creek Trails, is the perfect way to get in some exercise while exploring the beauty of the area. Mountain biking allows daredevils to have even more fun during their explorations, and horseback rides offered local ranches gives proof that the west is still wild in many ways!

Taking Up New Hobbies

During our regular lives, hobbies and play time can be limited as we maneuver our way through work meetings and school events, social obligations and homework, and all the other obstacles life throws in our paths. But during vacation, the hours open up before us, allowing us to try new things, including hobbies we may never have considered before! Standing in a field testing our artistic skills with paint and palette, or, for those who lack drawing skills, standing in the same field with camera in hand can be the start of a lifetime of artistic endeavors. We can promise there will be any number of scenic spots guaranteed to bring you inspiration.

The Magic of Waterfalls

What is it about the simple act of water tumbling over rocks into a pool below that brings us so much joy? We find ourselves chasing waterfalls, no matter the season, and the magic is tangible when we reach our goal. Fish Creek Falls is one of our favorite spots for family photos, romantic lunches, or quiet moments of contemplation. Located off Fish Creek Falls Road, the 280-foot-high waterfall offers two ways to enjoy its beauty: a quick and easy hike to the upper section or a quiet jaunt to the lower section. Once you’ve found your way there, we’re pretty sure you’ll find your way back again and again and again!

The Heart of Your Vacation and Plenty of Steamboat Springs Activities

In addition to all the wonderful activities we’ve shown you above, you may also find that the heart of your vacation resides right here in your Four Seasons Steamboat escape! Spending time simmering in the soothing heat of the hot tub, grilling a thick and juicy steak after a long day on the slopes, or tossing a ball for your fur baby to fetch in one of our pet-friendly properties is the perfect way to spend a lazy Tuesday during your sojourn in Steamboat Springs. Reserve your stay with us today and experience the many Steamboat Springs activities waiting for you!