There are many different types of vacations to be had in this world, most of which can be experienced right here in Steamboat Springs. Some of our favorite options include the ski vacation, where every minute of every day is centered around the slopes, and the nature getaway, where travelers spend all their days outside learning about the natural beauty of Colorado. But don’t forget about the historic journey! The latter may not be one that you thought pertained to Steamboat Springs, but our history is a long and rich one that leads back to the Yampatika Ute and Arapaho tribes that used our small village as hunting grounds in the summer. If your journey to Steamboat Springs is destined to be a peek into our past, this guide will ensure your stay is one you will dream about for years to come!

How Steamboat Springs Got Its Name

It was the sounds of the natural mineral springs that were once used for healing by the natives who made this area their home that gave us our name. Thought to sound similar to the steam engines of a steamboat, it is believed that French trappers first came up with the name. When you visit, whether for the first time or the 100th time, you’ll want to make sure you stop and explore any of the hot springs found in the area. Thought to have mystical properties, the warm waters do ease aches and pains, and Old Town Hot Springs is one of our favorite places to soak on a cold winter’s day!

Raise a Toast to Its Beauty on Your Journey to Steamboat Springs

You can drink a toast to the beauty of our town while exploring a bit of history when you visit the Old Town Pub & Restaurant located at 600 Lincoln Avenue. Constructed around 1904, the pub got its start as a hotel and went through many changes, including serving as the town’s first hospital, post office, and for a while, it was the local movie theater. We have to admit, we love today’s version the most: a local bar offering live music, a dance floor, and a meeting place for those who love the taste of a good cold beer!

The Tread of Pioneers Museum

When traveling with children, you may find yourself avoiding museums as they can be staid and stuffy places that do not hold the attention of the younger set, but the Tread of Pioneers Museum is not your standard museum, offering interactive exhibits geared toward children, a kids’ scavenger hunt that can only be completed by paying close attention to the exhibits, and a Western Heritage section that is guaranteed to be a hit with the cowboy-loving youth in your family! But before you start to worry that this museum doesn’t have anything of interest for you, the stories that are told about Steamboat Springs beginnings and the beautiful home (Queen Anne, built in 1901) which holds all the stories, exhibits, and artifacts are sure to change your mind! Located at 800 Oak Street, this glimpse of our history will help you understand and appreciate our mountain village even more!

Skiing Through History

The Howelsen Hill Ski Area offers the nation’s oldest continuously running ski area, which means you can have a fabulous day on the slopes while enjoying a taste of history! And although the ski area is small, it is certainly mighty, as in addition to being the oldest ski area, it’s been the training spot for 89 Olympic hopefuls, many of which have earned medals during their competitions. Created by Carl Howelsen, a world-famous ski jumper, it is also considered the largest ski jumping complex in our country.

Mesa Schoolhouse

The differences in our high-tech learning methods of today are visible when you explore the Mesa Schoolhouse constructed in 1916. Located at 34191 US-40, it can be difficult to believe that this diminutive red building once held students from grades 1-8. Converted to a private residence in the 1960s, today it belongs to the city and can be rented out for meetings and gatherings and is one of our favorite historical properties in the region! The dark red contrasts beautifully with the white snow in the winter, but it charms all who view it during any season of the year.

A Visit to the Past

A visit to the past is made that much sweeter when you choose a thoroughly modern Four Seasons Steamboat vacation escape to sleep in every night. Offering all the modern conveniences and a comfortable style that is inviting and welcoming, these properties are designed to make you wish you could stay forever—reserve yours today!