It may not be much of a surprise to some of our more frequent visitors, but we at Four Seasons Steamboat are absolutely a huge fan of the winter season! When the mercury drops and that cold and fluffy white stuff starts to fall, we practically trip over ourselves sliding into our parkas and snow boots in preparation for own winter adventures. Although there is something to be said for the beautiful charms of a summer day, the unique thrills of a shorter winter day never fail to bring a smile to our face, and when you follow this guide to the top winter adventures in Steamboat Springs, the smiles on your own faces will be impossible to remove!

Skiing in Steamboat Springs

Skiing is a popular wintertime activity, as you can all well imagine, and Steamboat Springs has a couple of places in which you can participate. In fact, Steamboat Ski Resort is one of the largest resorts in the state! Offering 18 lifts, nearly 3000 acres, and 169 trails, your options for excitement are virtually limitless. Taking lessons when you have never skied before isn’t just fun, it’s easy and divided into classes by age, keeping the embarrassment levels down. Kids always seem to pick up the sport quicker than we adults, so it’s nice to be in classes with people who probably won’t show us up! Our trails are designed for all ski levels, but with only 14% of the trails devoted to novice skiers, the remaining 86% of the trails fall relatively even along the lines; 42% are intermediate and 44% are expert, ensuring your day on the slopes is challenging without being too intimidating—unless, of course, intimidating is what you want! Snowboarding is also offered at the resort, with three different terrain parks being utilized by lovers of the sport.

Howelsen Hill Ski area is another popular ski area, offering a much more intimate skiing experience, but one that is filled with history. Open since 1915, it is one of the oldest continually open resorts and features 17 alpine trails and nine Nordic ones! Also known for the Olympic-caliber skiers who have made their homes on these slopes, Howelsen Hill Ski Area is owned by the city and loved by everyone who visits. Although they don’t have terrain parks for snowboarders, they do offer an ice complex for another of our favorite winter adventures, ice skating!

Ice Skating in Steamboat Springs

The romance of ice skating should never be overrated, and Howelsen Ice Complex is designed for it! Things are slightly different now, with fewer people being allowed on the ice, but that helps with the romance factor, don’t you think? Even better, the two outdoor tennis courts that are hopping spots in the summer become sweet spots for gliding on the ice under the open skies when they are flooded and iced over—especially at night! Just imagine gliding around the ice hand in hand with cold air on your cheeks and the velvety sky looming overhead; it just does not get more romantic than this!

Taking a Stroll Through Our Winter Wonderland

Hikes have a place in all seasons, not just the warmer ones, and if you are looking to take in the sights with the family, a leisurely stroll through our winter wonderland can be exactly the adventure you seek! Make a path to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company at 624 Lincoln Avenue for some hot cocoa to warm your bones or discover the way to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs and submerge your entire body in waters that are 104 degrees year-round. If the idea of staying cold until you make your way back to your Four Seasons Steamboat winter escape sounds scintillating, a hike to Fish Creek Falls never to fails to please. Discover a glittering picture so magical, it lingers in your mind long after you leave its base! Ice climbers love to make their way to the top of the frozen falls, but if you do nothing more than photograph it, you will not be disappointed!

Shopping, Art, and So Much More

Eventually, you may find yourself looking to spend some quality time inside warming up! These are the moments when you discover how much fun this mountain town can be as you shop at cute boutiques, explore the art-filled walls of Steamboat Art Museum, or soak in a hot tub in your own Four Seasons Steamboat magical home away from home. Reserve your stay today and discover the wonder of Colorado in the winter!