If you’re looking for ways to thank your team for their hard work and dedication, a corporate retreat to Steamboat Springs and a stay in one of our Four Seasons Steamboat luxury escapes is about as close to perfect as you can get.

Steamboat Corporate Retreat

Practice those team building skills as your employees take turns prepping meals in our spacious and cheerful kitchens. Included appliances make it easy, and the camaraderie your employees share will make it fun! Dining areas with seating enough for everyone serve multiple purposes, allowing guests to chat over coffee, play board games (Monopoly NEVER gets old!) and of course, come together for the evening meal. Grills are included for those who are less than domestically inclined, but if you want to really treat your people, conducting an epicurean journey through the beauty of Steamboat can be a wonderful way to show you appreciate them!

In the living areas, state of the art televisions can be used for watching movies, playing video games, or watching the big game. Even if everyone supports different teams, you will all enjoy the time together as your group learns it’s okay to not always win! When the sun sets over the mountains, retreating to the haven of our cozy bedrooms can give your employees relaxation and privacy.

Steamboat Adventures

If you’ve owned your business for any amount of time, chances are you’ve read all the books about team building and know all the exercises, but sometimes the best way to build a great team is by spending a few days just playing! Take in a round of golf at Haymaker Golf Course and enjoy a few drinks at the 19th hole afterwards in the summer, hike to Fish Creek Falls in the fall, when the trees are ablaze with a fiery beauty, or ski down the slopes of Steamboat Ski Resort on a crisp and cold winter day. These are the stories your employees will talk about endlessly around the water cooler! If you really want to wow them, the Zephyr Helicopter Company offers tours of the countryside that will change the lives of everyone who gets the opportunity. The view of Steamboat Springs from the sky is absolutely incredible!

Free Time During the Day

Depending on how long you stay, letting the group break up and enjoy their separate interests is a great idea. Hiking and biking the mountains or participating in a little retail therapy in town is always fun! Pick up something sparkly from the Jewelry & Fossil Shop of Steamboat, something artistic and colorful from Steamboat Art Company, or something quirky and fun from the Steamboat Hat Shop. All three of these stores (and many more) are located within walking distance of each other on Lincoln Avenue. Dining options are numerous and include Winona’s Restaurant for those who love an incredible breakfast, or Laundry, a renovated laundromat that specializes in unique and fine dining.

Come Together for Fun at Night

When the sun sets over the mountains, the laughter and fun continue with hot tub moments and ghost stories told in front of a roaring fire. Nights in Steamboat can get chilly, but you and your essential employees will be basking the night away in warmth and comfort. Reserve your Four Seasons Steamboat corporate retreat today!