Wherever you find yourself at this time of year, chances are stepping out the door can be akin to stepping into the fiery flames of the sun. As hot days stretch out before us as we drift deeper into the summer months, we dream of the cooler days that seem to be so far away we will never reach them! We at Four Seasons Steamboat, however, are here to tell you that in spite of what the thermometer on your back patio is telling you, fall is close at hand, and if you choose to jumpstart the season with a Steamboat Springs getaway, we’re here to help! With temperatures ranging from the low 70s down as low as 16 degrees by November’s end, it is the perfect time to wear the new seasonal outfits that are already displayed in your local department stores!

Harvest Times

October is when fall arrives in full strength, bringing with it the scent of fireplaces, pumpkin spice, and sometimes the first whiffs of an early snowfall! Dressed in your autumn finest and competing with the fires in the trees, venture out for a scenic drive and drink in the peace and beauty of your surroundings as you point your car in the direction of Buffalo Pass. Aspen trees turned to brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red line the streets, and the heavy clouds seem to touch the tops of the mountains along the way. Could there be snow in the forecast? It is quite possible, as the first snowfall of winter generally arrives in the month of October, but don’t worry, Steamboat Springs Ski Resort does not normally open until right around Thanksgiving.

If your visit occurs near the latter part of the month, the trees may be bare, and the ground may be blanketed with snow as you prepare for Halloween fun. There is no way of predicting what Halloween will look like in Steamboat Springs this year, but if a night of scary movies, all the candy you can eat, and a pumpkin martini sipped in front of a roaring fire sounds good to you, we’ve got the perfect spot reserved for you. The plush and comfortable sofa in the living room of your Four Seasons holiday hideaway is awaiting!

Thankful for Getaways

As we enter the last full month of the fall season, the snow begins to fall in earnest, creating a bucolic landscape that you will not be able to resist capturing with that fancy camera on your cell phone. Bundle up and take a walk in the neighborhood surrounding your idyllic hideaway or head to the stores for a bit of early Christmas shopping. Even though at this moment you are probably sitting in your recliner at home with air conditioner on blast, by the time November rolls around, the season will be in full swing! During a Thanksgiving visit, why not take advantages of our luxurious Four Seasons Steamboat rental properties? Light a fire in the fireplace, turn the television to the annual Thanksgiving Parade, and create a Turkey Day feast in the fully equipped kitchen! A low-key holiday spent with the ones you love can be the one you remember most fondly years down the road.

The Time is Now

Reserve your Four Seasons Steamboat seasonal sanctuary today and prepare for an exciting fall getaway!