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  • How can I ship items for my stay in Steamboat?

    Any items shipped via UPS or FedEx can be delivered directly to your vacation home. However, there is no USPS delivery to any property in Steamboat Springs. Anything shipped via USPS would be sent to the post office and unless you have a post office box, the package would get returned to sender. If you are unsure of the delivery method or are shipping from Amazon, please contact us for the best option for delivery. We can handle all sorts of shipments before and after your vacation if you want to ship us skis or luggage, just let us know.

  • Do I need to buy bottled water during my stay in Steamboat?

    Not necessary! Here in Steamboat Springs, we have incredible tap water as we are so close to the source, the mountains! We highly encourage you to refrain from purchasing single use plastics and invest in a reusable water bottle. You can refill at any sink, drinking fountain, or tap in town for some of the best water you ever tasted!

  • Why don't the grocery stores provide free bags?

    Steamboat Springs is dedicated to reducing single-use plastics. The City of Steamboat Springs passed a ban on disposable plastic bags at retail stores. While this may pose an inconvenience, we have provided you with re-usable shopping bags for your grocery runs during your stay! Feel free to take these bags and use them throughout your stay, and take them home with you. Reusable and paper bags can also be purchased at grocery and large retail stores.

  • How does recycling work in Steamboat?

    Great question! Steamboat offers curbside single stream recycling so all the following items can be placed directly into any recycling bin: Plastic#1-#7, all paper/cardboard, glass bottle and jars, magazines and newspapers, steel or tin cans. DO NOT place any plastic bags, styrofoam or 6 pack ring holders in any recycling bins. If you use garbage bags to gather recycling, please do not add that garbage bag to the recycling bin, that bag IS NOT recyclable, thank you!!!

  • What are my options to get from the Steamboat/Hayden airport to town?

    There are 2 shuttle services, Go Alpine and Storm Mountain Express offer either shared ride shuttle service or private service as well. There are several rental car options also; Avis, Budget, and Hertz have rental kiosks set up at the airport. Uber or Lyft is usually available during busier times of the day.

  • Is there a taxi service or Uber in Steamboat?

    Yes, There is taxi service (Go Alpine) in Steamboat Springs as well as Uber and Lyft service. Steamboat Springs also has a free bus service year-round. See the city bus schedule here:

  • Will the altitude bother me?

    The city of Steamboat sits at 6,732 feet and while it is lower compared to other ski towns across the state, altitude can be an issue for some coming to town from sea level. Upon arriving to town and for the first 24-36 hours, drink plenty of water, limit alchohol comsuption and take ibuprofen if needed for a headache (often the first sign of altitude sickness). Take it easy and seek medical attention if needed.

  • How often are the roads plowed and are they well maintained?

    Road maintenance is often a 24-hour job in Colorado. Around town, you will rarely find a road with more than a couple inches on it as the city and county are very well prepared for all winter weather conditions. However, conditions can vary greatly even in small trips, so don’t be surprised to encounter all four seasons driving just from Hayden to Steamboat. Four wheel drive is highly recommended on any rental car from November - April. The best website for real time updates is where you can find everything from highway webcams, road conditions, to maintenance work and accident reports. For more information on winter driving conditions please visit Winter Driving Information.

  • How long is the drive from Denver to Steamboat?

    The length of the drive depends on many factors including day and time of travel. Factors to consider if driving up from the Denver area; rush hour traffic; weekend ski traffic Friday afternoon/Saturday mornings and then returning back to the Denver area Sundays; weather conditions; and highway construction projects (summertime). We typically plan on 3-3.5 hours from DIA to Steamboat.

  • Can I request an early check in or a late check out?

    We can not accept any early check in requests prior to 3 days of arrival. Same with late check out requests, we typically don't know about a late check out until the day before your departure.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Our cancellation policy and all of our terms and conditions can be found here.