As the world adapts to social distancing and working from home, we tend to find ourselves looking at “the good old days pre-COVID-19” with regret and longing. We miss the predictability of getting up every day getting ourselves and the kids ready for another day of work and school and coming home again at the end of the day, filling in the hours with television and homework. But there are good points to this strange new world we live in. Prior to the pandemic, when were you able to spend every day with your closest family members? Now we are home, catching those precious firsts we missed prior to 2020, and we don’t know about you, but we are kind of liking the commute from our bedrooms to our dining room tables!

Having a view of backyards and sleeping babies is much preferred to no view at all, and if we don’t like the view, what law states we HAVE to work from home while working remote? Does your boss really care if you attend Zoom meetings from the comfort and luxurious style of one of our Four Seasons Steamboat vacation escapes rather than from the vantage point of your living room sofa? This guide to enjoying a vacation in Steamboat Springs while you work remote may be the exact thing you need to save 2020 from being a complete bust!

It Doesn’t Matter How You Get Here

Traveling by planes, trains, or automobiles is safe once again, as long as you wear your mask and show a little flexibility when it comes to eating your meals, so buy those tickets or gas up your car and head to Steamboat Springs! We offer free Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to worry about attending meetings, getting reports completed and handed in, or not being able to clock in and out every day of your stay!

Working from Home Has Never Been So Perfect

Offering a choice of luxurious and comfortable spaces in which you can open up your laptop, spread out your files, and turn on a little background music, the work you do here may end up being some of your best stuff! On those perfect days when you can’t handle being cooped up inside another minute, the view of the mountains is yours to enjoy when you set up your “home office” on the deck located off the back of the house! And when hunger pangs strike, you don’t have to make do with a sandwich thrown together in haste in the kitchen while the rest of your family is out exploring the sights of Steamboat Springs. Many of our restaurants are currently offering contact-free delivery options! Enjoy a sandwich from charming Winona’s Restaurant, your favorite slice from Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza, or sushi from Sambi Canton Restaurant. Or, if you feel the need to get out and soak up the sunshine of another perfect day in paradise, many of our local restaurants are once again open for business. Just remember: A visit to Johnny B. Good’s Diner should be on every visitor’s list, and they are open for delivery, pick up or dine-in!

When the Work is Done

You may be tied to your laptop and phone for eight hours of every weekday, but what about the other free hours of each day? Spending some time shopping in the stores that line the streets of downtown or taking an hour or so and heading up the mountain for a view of the sunset and the beauty of Steamboat Springs’s natural landscape will make your getaway the perfect escape! Fill your weekend moments with hikes to the Fish Creek Falls and picnics in the park as you explore all that Little Toots Park has to offer, including  playground equipment, barbecue grills, and river access for a day of fun that will never end.

You’ll Never Want to Leave

The only downside to your Colorado getaway will be the desire to never leave, especially once you catch your first glimpse of our Four Seasons Steamboat luxurious escapes! When you’re not working, they offer plenty to keep you occupied. Some feature game rooms with pool tables, others offer private hot tubs under the stars, and still others offer access to a community pool in which our summer visitors can frolic and play. Every space is different, but all offer a quiet luxury designed to spoil! Our rentals also include fully equipped kitchens designed to make meal prep fun, plush and comfortable furnishings in the living areas, and comfortable beds and mattresses in the bedroom retreats. Contact us to reserve yours today!