Today is the day your journey brings you to the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs and a stay in one of our comfortable and luxurious Four Seasons Steamboat vacation hideaways. Because we know you will want to be outside as much as possible, this guide to the natural Steamboat Springs attractions for which our Colorado mountain town is famous will ensure this getaway will be one you remember happily for years to come!

Fish Creek Falls

In spite of the advice we have been given in song, chasing waterfalls is one of our favorite vacation activities! There is something uniquely beautiful about the simple act of water falling over rocks, and Fish Creek Falls offers the perfect example. Located in the Routt National Forest, about 5 miles out of town, Fish Creek Falls reaches a height of over 280 feet, and while it is a popular tourist activity, if you visit during the off-season it will almost feel as if it belongs solely to you and your family. In the winter, the breathtaking sight of the frozen water pausing on its downwards journey creates a photo opportunity well worth braving the frigid temperatures, and if you are lucky, you may get to add a little extra action to your shot: Ice climbers enjoy pitting their wits against the falls as they scale its frozen face! Surrounded by trails, including one that takes you to the base and one that takes you to a viewing point that offers unparalleled views of the falls in all its glory, there are many reasons why Fish Creek Falls is a local favorite.

Hot Springs

The hot springs that dot the area are always fascinating to first-time visitors, as they get to experience the natural hot water coming out of the ground in hot tub essence! While there is a large list of hot springs in the area, there’s one particular water source located on Lincoln Avenue that holds a piece of our heart: Old Town Hot Springs, which has been the go-to spot since the Ute Indians first claimed this piece of land about 1000 years ago! Offering a steady 102-degree temperature, sinking into the slightly bubbling waters on a cold winter’s day is an experience you will dream about many times after your Colorado vacation has ended! Another local hot spot is the tranquil and beautiful Strawberry Park Hot Springs. These natural wonders of Steamboat feature runoffs from different springs, such as Heart Springs in downtown Steamboat. Whichever spring you decide to visit, remember, as clear and refreshing as it looks, the hot water is NOT for drinking!

The Park Range Mountains

Although we are known for our local hot springs, it’s the mountains that surround our town that are our biggest claim to fame, and the mountain range listed above is home to Steamboat Ski Resort. Throughout the Park Range Mountains, experience our not only our transcending resort but many backcountry ski options! We are known world-wide for offering trails for skiers of all experience levels and the opportunity to ski for a weekend and never take the same trail twice! Steamboat Ski Resort and the mountain range that makes up the nearly 3000 acres of trails, however, isn’t the only game in town, as Howelsen Hill Ski Area offers a more intimate ski experience. This is where the Olympic hopefuls train, so if you’re hanging out in the winter, keep an eye on your skiing companions; you may just see them on the big screen someday, bringing the gold to the United States!

These same mountains feature hiking trails with an ever-changing view, depending on the season. From the bright green of budding leaves on the trees in the spring to the lush verdant green in the summer to the kaleidoscope of colors draping the trees in the fall, the sights, sounds, and scents discovered in the mountains never fail to amaze.

Parks, Rivers, and Your Naturally Beautiful Four Seasons Vacation Escape

The natural beauty of Steamboat Springs has attracted visitors from all over the world, and whether you are enjoying the colorful artistry found at Yampa River Botanic Park or the views seen from the windows of your Four Seasons Steamboat seasonal hideaway, every minute of your day promises to be filled with joy. Reserve your stay today!