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Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The landscape that makes up the incredible vacation destination of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has a way of being as thrilling as it is restorative. Between the mountain peaks, hiking trails, and dramatic elevation changes that pave the way to outdoor fun, it’s easy to find adrenaline-pumping adventures around every corner. For those that love to dine and delight in spectacular views, Steamboat Springs has much in the way of natural beauty. However, for those that are looking to relax and unwind, there’s nothing more wonderful than a dip in a natural hot springs and when you’re looking for just the right stop, Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs should definitely top your list.

A Restorative Adventure

Strawberry Park Hot Springs can easily be accessed at 44200 CO Road 36 in Steamboat Springs and is integrated into a resort-style stay area, meaning it’s best of day visitors to reserve their visit in advance. While Strawberry Park features natural hot springs for visitors to rest and relax in, the area is decidedly luxurious and a visit comes complete with access to restrooms, a heated changing cabin, and a tipi. This year-round destination is open daily between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm but it’s good to note when planning that the on-site pools are drained and cleaned every Wednesday and Thursday morning between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. These geothermal pools are the perfect place to spend time savoring the heat and scenery. Surrounded by intricate stonework, flowers, and foliage, guests will find it simple to sink into a state of tranquility which makes this one of the best tourist attractions in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Beyond the Strawbery Park Hot Springs

While taking time to enjoy the hot springs is the highlight of a visit to Strawberry Park, there’s more to enjoy beyond the water. Next to the pools, private areas are designated for guests to enjoy table massages and Watsu upon request and reservation. Picnic tables also dot the area and make Strawberry Park Hot Springs a great place to come and enjoy an open-air meal with family and friends. A limited number of concessions are available on-site for those that prefer to arrive without having to carry anything with them.

Take time to Unwind in Steamboat

From outdoor adventure to moments of relaxation, Steamboat Springs has it all and the team at Four Seasons Steamboat has the accommodations to match. Contact us today to start planning your trip and to book your ideal home away from home while you’re in town.