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As we’ve learned to appreciate our own company and that of our closest family members, we have discovered that there are a lot of good things that can occur during social distancing, even when traveling to some place you’ve never been before! When your travels bring you to the doorstep of one of our Four Seasons Steamboat vacation escapes, the peace and quiet of the area combined with the luxury of our properties will continue to show you how much fun an isolated getaway can be! This guide to some of the more exciting isolated Steamboat Springs activities will ensure that your stay will be even better than you dreamed.

Exploring the Landscape

The beauty of Steamboat Springs is all around us. Hike along the Yampa River Core Trail to enjoy some of the sights for yourself! Stop at one bend in the river to drop a line and perhaps catch dinner for the evening, keep track of the different bird species you catch sight of during your hike, or simply lose yourself in the music playing in your ear as you ride your rental bike along the wide and paved trail. Depending on the season, you can explore for miles and not run into a soul. Fish Creek Falls offers another beautiful isolated activity, featuring trails that lead around, over, and up to the falls. Again, it depends on the season as to how busy the area will be, but if you take your hike during the early morning hours or later in the evening, chances are you will have the trails to yourself! For those who aren’t as physically active, a midnight walk around your Four Seasons Steamboat vacation escape can be the most beautiful and simplest of isolated activities. The sounds of the night perform a lullaby that will speak to your soul and ease your way into a deep sleep when you finally crawl into bed.

Discover Your Inner Artist

The scenery in this region will inspire you to take up a new hobby. Drawing, painting, or even photography allows you to take a piece of Steamboat Springs home to be yours forever. Find an isolated trail, get comfortable, and have fun. Sunrise and sunset will make the most use of color, but the Colorado scenery is perfect any time of day! Painting and drawing can be difficult for those who haven’t honed these skills, but the technology of today’s cell phone cameras ensures that everyone can take pictures worth framing! From panoramic scenes of snow-covered mountaintops to up-close shots of fall leaves littering the ground, you don’t even need an imagination to take good pictures; just close your eyes, point, and shoot!

Every Day is a New Adventure With Steamboat Springs Activities

Not all adventures will be large ones, but the smaller ones can be just as exciting. A drive through the mountains, stopping to take pictures of scenes that take your breath away, a glass of wine enjoyed as you watch the sun set over the horizon, or watching the smile on your regularly sullen teen’s face as she catches a peek of a mama doe and her fawn gently picking their way through the foliage; these moments will be the ones you remember most when you return to the stress and bustle of real life!

Ground Yourself

COVID-19 has given the entire world a big time-out, and even if you were tired of being at home, you may discover that the comfortable luxury of our Four Seasons Steamboat properties is worth grounding yourself once again. Sleep late in our comfortable beds, only awakening when the sun is high in the sky, and then start the day out slowly with a cup of coffee and a donut enjoyed on the balcony outside your master suite. Spend the day reading that book you’ve been waiting to dive into or watch old movies on the television in the living room. Because the things we used to hate as a child are the moments we look forward to most as an adult, a nap in that comfy bed you just left a few short hours ago is destined to be a great way to while away the afternoon. As adults, we don’t get a lot of sleep, so take advantage of these quiet times while you still can!

Everything is Better with Four Seasons Steamboat

Whether you are fishing from a quiet spot on the river, hiking along one of the many trails, or teaching yourself a new skill, coming home every evening to the quiet beauty of our Four Seasons Steamboat vacation hideaways will be the highlight of your Colorado adventures. Reserve your stay with us today and experience Steamboat Springs activities!