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Steamboat Springs has so much to offer during the winter months. However, for the traveller who doesn’t partake in downhill or backcountry skiing, the snow can feel somewhat intimidating. You want to be able to participate in the great outdoors and all the beauty Steamboat has to offer— so how do you do it?

Snowshoeing is one of our favorite activities in Steamboat. With spanning views, Champagne Powder, and endless trails, we’d like to tell you about some of our favorite spots to go snowshoeing locally here in Steamboat.

Getting Your Gear

Don’t have your own snowshoes? No worries. There are multiple shops around town that provide day rentals at a great price. One of our favorites is Ski Haus, where you can rent snowshoes for an entire day for about $20. You can also rent boots, snow pants, jackets, gloves— anything you’d need for a day on the trail.


There are tons of trails in the Steamboat Springs and surrounding areas. If you’re wanting to stay close to town, a great place to try your hand at this activity is Fish Creek Falls. This 7.6 mile loop, although you don’t have to take the whole loop. There are a few trails you can snowshoe in this area, though most review this space to be easy and beautifully scenic.

If you are a more active person, Rabbit Ears is an absolutely stunning place to snowshoe. The trails on Rabbit Ears Pass offer a wide array of terrain with many ascents and descents. These trails range closer to 3-4 mile loops, but are more of a challenge.

Another beautiful local snowshoeing trail is Emerald Mountain and Howelsen Hill. This is a slow ascent with absolutely stunning views of town below with many opportunities to offshoot into more narrow and remote trails. You’ll have an easy hike down with a breathtaking view of Sleeping Giant!

At Four Seasons Steamboat, we encourage all of our guests to get out into nature and see all the beauty our slice of heaven has to offer — even if it’s not skiing!

When you visit Steamboat Springs, make sure to book with Four Seasons Steamboat for more personalized recommendations and homey accommodations to snuggle up in after a long day enjoying Steamboat.

Wherever you find yourself at this time of year, chances are stepping out the door can be akin to stepping into the fiery flames of the sun. As hot days stretch out before us as we drift deeper into the summer months, we dream of the cooler days that seem to be so far away we will never reach them! We at Four Seasons Steamboat, however, are here to tell you that in spite of what the thermometer on your back patio is telling you, fall is close at hand, and if you choose to jumpstart the season with a Steamboat Springs getaway, we’re here to help! With temperatures ranging from the low 70s down as low as 16 degrees by November’s end, it is the perfect time to wear the new seasonal outfits that are already displayed in your local department stores!

2020 Has Been Unique

This year we have had to adapt to a new virus, new terms, and a new normal, so your fall frolic in Steamboat Springs may be a little different as well, but that’s okay. You have discovered you adapt well to change, and since the crowds dwindle after Labor Day, social distancing is easy! Spend some quiet hours in the early weeks of fall sitting along the edge of the Yampa River, practicing your casting and bring home some trout to enjoy in the comfort of your Four Seasons Steamboat seasonal escape. The early days of September are also the perfect time to witness the migration of the sandhill cranes as they head to their winter homes in Arizona and New Mexico. Watch the majestic birds take flight in the standard V formation, flying above the fiery trees—which, by the way, are another great reason to visit in the fall! The changing of the leaves begins in mid-September and creates a multi-colored portrait you will not be able to resist capturing with your cell phone camera.

Harvest Times

October is when fall arrives in full strength, bringing with it the scent of fireplaces, pumpkin spice, and sometimes the first whiffs of an early snowfall! Dressed in your autumn finest and competing with the fires in the trees, venture out for a scenic drive and drink in the peace and beauty of your surroundings as you point your car in the direction of Buffalo Pass. Aspen trees turned to brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red line the streets, and the heavy clouds seem to touch the tops of the mountains along the way. Could there be snow in the forecast? It is quite possible, as the first snowfall of winter generally arrives in the month of October, but don’t worry. The crowds are still staying away, as Steamboat Springs Ski Resort does not normally open until right around Thanksgiving.

If your visit occurs near the latter part of the month, the trees may be bare, and the ground may be blanketed with snow as you prepare for Halloween fun. There is no way of predicting what Halloween will look like in Steamboat Springs this year, but if a night of scary movies, all the candy you can eat, and a pumpkin martini sipped in front of a roaring fire sounds good to you, we’ve got the perfect spot reserved for you. The plush and comfortable sofa in the living room of your Four Seasons holiday hideaway is awaiting!

Thankful for Getaways

As we enter the last full month of the fall season, the snow begins to fall in earnest, creating a bucolic landscape that you will not be able to resist capturing with that fancy camera on your cell phone. Bundle up and take a walk in the neighborhood surrounding your idyllic hideaway or head to the stores for a bit of early Christmas shopping. Even though at this moment you are probably sitting in your recliner at home with air conditioner on blast, by the time November rolls around, the season will be in full swing! During a Thanksgiving visit, why not take advantages of our luxurious Four Seasons Steamboat rental properties? Light a fire in the fireplace, turn the television to the annual Thanksgiving Parade, and create a Turkey Day feast in the fully equipped kitchen! A low-key holiday spent with the ones you love can be the one you remember most fondly years down the road.

The Time is Now

Reserve your Four Seasons Steamboat seasonal sanctuary today and prepare for an exciting fall getaway!

When arriving in Steamboat, there’s no need to spend time, money, and gasoline! We pride ourselves on the multiple modes of transportation our city supports. From summer to winter, there are a multitude of ways to find your way around town that are kind to your wallet, your mileage, and the environment! We have compiled just a few ways in which to get around Steamboat Springs — regardless the time of year.

Steamboat Springs Transit – (970) 879-3717

One of most efficient ways to get around Steamboat is the Free Bus System. With tons of stops all over town, this is the perfect way to get your from one side of town to the other. Whether you’re heading to the river to begin your tubing journey, or loading up your skies to hit the mountain, this is the most environmentally and financially efficient transportation Steamboat offers. In order to learn about times, routes, and stops, click here!

Go Alpine – (970) 879-2800

Go Alpine is another awesome way to get around Steamboat! This company get you around town or can safely transport you to and from the Denver or Hayden airports. They own an array of vehicles — shuttle vans, SUV’s, taxis, a limousine, and more! Therefore, Go Alpine is another great way to get around Steamboat.  Click on our link to get a 5% discount on shuttle services.


All of Colorado’s winter sports draw thousands into the Front Range every weekend. And because I-70 is about the only way into the mountains, the ski traffic can at times get pretty severe. If you’re heading to Steamboat for the Champagne Powder, the newest “Snowstang” is an exciting new way to do that. Beat the dreaded I-70 ski traffic with this new bus that rides from Denver to Steamboat beginning this winter. Keep in mind, the Steamboat fare will be $40.

Come check out Steamboat Springs’ incredible activities around the city. From a downtown condo to our mountainside locations, Four Seasons Steamboat can provide you with housing accommodations for your trip to Steamboat. Regardless if you are looking for a luxurious vacation rental, a private home, or a place for the whole family to vacation, we have the rental properties and vacation homes you and your loved ones will always remember. Vacation like a local with Four Seasons Steamboat. For lodging, head back to our home page here.