As we all adjust to the new normal, longer shipping times, shortages at the supermarket, and telecommuting to work have just become a part of life. We just plan ahead if we need something delivered, we reevaluate and create new meal plans, and of course, we’ve fallen in love with the commute from the bedroom to the kitchen table! But what about our children? In most cases, they are separated from their friends, have to spend long hours in front of a computer screen, and when they have questions for their teachers, those questions have to be emailed and answered later down the line. This is not something they asked for, and it breaks our hearts to see their disappointment, but there is something you can do to give them a little boost. As we parents grow frustrated as well, our telecommuting schedule allows us to turn to homeschooling, and we have all learned that the home does not have to be ours! An educational journey to the historically rich and scenically stunning mountain town of Steamboat Springs is in your future. Our guide to Steamboat Springs activities for an educational journey in our area will help make this getaway a successful one!

Math Can Be Fun With These Steamboat Springs Activities

The worst part of teaching is having to dig back into our memory banks and remember the math we generally don’t use, but because you are ingenious, planning a budget is about to give your child a lesson in life skills AND a math project for the day! Setting aside a sum of money and explaining how it needs to be divided into housing costs, food costs, and entertainment for every member of the family may also give them a better appreciation of the financial realities you face every day, especially when you explain the part about setting aside money for emergencies!

History That Doesn’t Make You Yawn

Remembering that the war of 1812 began on June 18th and ended nearly three years later on February 18th, 1815 doesn’t really do it for people; if you aren’t a huge trivia buff planning on being a Jeopardy contestant, is it really necessary? For many kids, though, getting the opportunity to see what a typical day was like during World War II times is not just fascinating—it can change their lives! The Tread of Pioneers Museum, located at 800 Oak Street, gives your kids that visual experience, offering exhibits that honor the war heroes, explore the hot springs (to be included in your science module as well?), and perhaps most interesting of all, allows them to see and touch the items in the Pioneer Kids Bedroom Hands-on Discovery Exhibit! Field trips can be fun again as your inquisitive youngster compares the clothing to what they wear today, plays with teddy bears and tea pots, and tries to decipher what the tools found in the “What is this?” game were meant to be used for!

Recess on the Slopes?

Homeschool teachers make their own schedules, and if one day you decide you want to have an entire morning of recess spent outdoors, more power to you! Combine physical education and the freedom of recess and head out on a hike on one of the many trails in the area. Fish Creek Fall is a great spot for hiking, and you’ll be rewarded with some scenic sights as well!

Gotta Eat!

If you are forced to stick to a strict schedule (online schooling can be done from our Four Seasons Steamboat Springs vacation escapes also), there will still be moments of freedom interspersed throughout the day. Recess can be a walk around the neighborhood or a quick soak in the hot tub, and lunch does not have to be prepared by mom, even though our fully equipped kitchens bring the joy back into cooking! As you take some of the schoolwork outside on the deck to enjoy views, you’ll soon discover that all that fresh air and new knowledge is sure to bring about a huge appetite that can only be sated with a visit to Winona’s, located at 617 Lincoln Avenue. Serving large portions of your favorite American dishes in a casual and inviting space, a meal here fills the belly and feeds the soul!

You Get the Picture

Homeschooling brings about exciting options, guaranteed to bring the happy smile back to your child’s face when you make our Four Seasons Steamboat properties your temporary classroom! There is no end to the creativity you can unleash as you model your learning modules after specific activities here in town; art classes can even be held at the Steamboat Art Museum, located in a former bank building at 801 Lincoln Avenue. Reserve your stay with us today and enjoy the many enriching Steamboat Springs activities!