Steamboat Resort is already amazing as is, but the Steamboat resort owners have published their 4 year plan to significantly upgrade the base area as well as add the longest Gondola in North America. The base area hasn’t had a significant update since the 70s and 80s, so the changes are exciting! This year the renovations begin with the Gondola Transit Center being moved from the heart of the base further up onto the ski hill. This will provide additional room in “Steamboat Square” for retail shops, new restaurants, a skating rink in 2022.

“We recognize that we haven’t made improvements or investments in the base area for a long time,” Perlman said. “We want to create that sense of place in the heart of Gondola Square.”

“It’s full steam ahead, as we’ve been saying,” said Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. President and COO Rob Perlman. “We’re already an incredible resort, and we’re just talking about taking things to that next level.”

Check back here for updates regarding the highly anticipated renovation as we creep up to opening weekend on November 20th.

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 18 (credit to Steamboat Resorts).
Paver installation is complete. Installation of the cargo elevator began this week.

Base Area Improvements and Resort Entrance
Installation of the escalator will be completed this week along with the start of paver placement at the resort entrance. The canopy above the escalator will begin installation next week. Steel supports have been installed in Steamboat Square and will be followed by a concrete ‘lid’ and installation of 30,000 square feet of pavers.

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 4 (credit to Steamboat Resorts).

Gondola Terminal Move
Load test is completed. The installation of pavers started this week in the queuing area for the gondola. The cargo elevator installation started this week as well.

Base Area Improvements and Resort Entrance
Escalators are set and installation will continue over the next few weeks. Waterproofing of the escalator began and concrete for the stairs adjacent to the escalator has been poured. A canopy will be installed after stairs and escalators are complete. Pavers in the resort entrance from the Transit Center will be installed at the end of the month. The concrete “lid” is on schedule to be installed on the square for mid-October.